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Velscope Enhanced Oral Cancer Exam


VELscope vx is the latest breakthrough in the fight against Oral Cancer.


What is the Velscope?

The Velscope is a non-invasive tool that helps dental professionals visualize abnormalities in the mucosal tissues of yourlips,mouth and upper throat. In just two minutes, with no rinses, stains, or discomfort, a VELscope examination lets healthcare professionals improve their assessment of your overall oral health. 

Is the Velscope safe?

Yes! The velscope uses blue light to cause healthy tissue to fluoresce.  It does not produce radiation of any kind and is safe for use on all patients.

When is the Velscope used?

Every patient receives an Oral Cancer screening as part of a routine exam. The Velscope is used to supplement that exam. 

The Velscope is highly recommended to evaluate suspicious lesions that have persisted for more than 14 days. The results from the Velscope exam will aid in early detection and in making the decision to biopsy a suspicious lesion.

Is The Velscope a Diagnostic Tool?

Like other visualization technologies, such as panoramic radiography, CT, MRI, PET and ultrasound, the VELscope is NOT a stand-alone diagnostic test. However, used in conjunction with the standard oral soft tissue exam, VELscope provides visual information that cannot be acquired in any other way.

Red lesion discovered in routine exam:


 Same lesion viewed with the Velscope:

Thanks to the Velscope, the decision to biopsy this lesion can be made sooner.

Poplar Bluff Dentist | Velscope Enhanced Oral Cancer Exam. Dental Arts Group in Poplar Bluff is equipped with the latest in Dental technology, including the Velscope Enhanced Oral Cancer Assessment.